Ameliorant for acidic soils with light granulometric composition and crops that need increased magnesium nutrition

Rich in calcium and magnesium

Crops: potato, corn, vegetables, soybean, rapeseed, sugar beet, tobacco, and alfalfa


  • Regulates soil to maintain a balanced pH
  • Contributes to soil health by neutralizing acidity
  • Increases yield by 10-12% to 30-40%
  • lmproves crop quality, storage and transportation capabilities
  • Increases the beneficial effect of the main types of fertilizers by 20% and more
  • Works fast due to the high proportion (98%) of ultrafine particles
  • Improves soil structure and aerates the soil
  • Strengthens plant resistance to diseases

Reduces the leaching of potassium from the soil by restoring a favorable calcium/ magnesium/potassium balance.

Improves the availability of molybdenum in the soil, which is necessary for legumes. Comprehensively solves the problems of soil acidity, fertility and plant nutrition with calcium and magnesium, especially on sandy soils.

The cost of use pays off in the same year, and the effect lasts for up to 3 years.


  • In autumn for tillage up to 14-16 cm deep.
  • In spring after snowfall, on frozen soil.
  • Before sowing for pre-sowing cultivation.
  • When sowing. The best options for making are 1 and 2.

Magnesium oxide (MgO)
Physical/Chemical specifications:
Particle size
100,0 μm
Light grey
Granules, 2-5 mm
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