The perfect balance for all soil types, a universal basic fertilizer that is used in addition to traditional technologies

Rich in bioavailable silica

For all soil types and crops


  • Strengthens plant resistance to adverse environmental conditions (drought and frost resistance) and fungal diseases
  • Activates photosynthesis, amino acid synthesis, protein and fat production, oxidation-reduction processes in plants
  • Improves root growth and adsorption capacity of plants
  • Allows reduction dose of mineral fertilizers up to 30% without loss in yield and quality
  • Regulates soil reactions, the composition of absorbed cations, the salt and ionic composition of the soil solution
  • Increases soil's moisture capacity
  • Increases yield by 10-25%

Calcium and magnesium comprehensively solve the problems of soil acidity, fertility and plant nutrition.
The high calcium content in ultrafine form delivers a rapid effect. Deoxidation occurs 3-4 weeks after application depending on conditions.

Sulfur participates in nitrogen and carbohydrate metabolism in plants, synthesis of fats, and enhances tissue respiration. It enhances the growth and absorption activity in the root system, as a result, the nitrogen and phosphorus content in the aboveground organs increases.


  • In autumn for tillage.
  • In spring after snowfall, on frozen soil.
  • Before sowing for pre-sowing cultivation.
  • Extranutrition during vegetation period (under irrigation).

Magnesium oxide (MgO)
Sulfur trioxide (SO₃)
SiIicon dioxide (SiO₂)
Physical/Chemical specifications:
Particle size
65,0 μm
Granules, 2-5 mm
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