Ameliorant/fertilizer for alkaline soils, normalizes salt balance

Rich in calcium and sulfur

Crops: soybean, pea, rapeseed, corn, sunflower, and potato


  • Regulates soil to maintain balanced pH
  • Helps to increase the activity of beneficial soil microorganisms and the formation of humus
  • Improves crop quality (protein and oil content)
  • Works fast due to the high proportion (98%) of ultrafine particles
  • Increases yield by 10-12% to 30-40%
  • Increases plant responsiveness to nitrogen fertilizers
  • Stimulates protein production
  • Promotes starch and sugar accumulation in products

The combination of two natural minerals - limestone and gypsum - allows the product to be used on different types of soils as an ameliorant and fertilizer.

Sulfur participates in nitrogen and carbohydrate metabolism in plants, synthesis of fats, and enhances tissue respiration. It enhances the growth and absorption activity of the root system, as a result, the nitrogen and phosphorus content in the aboveground organs increases.


  • In autumn for tillage.
  • In spring after snowfall, on frozen soil.
  • Before sowing for pre-sowing cultivation.

The efficiency of application for reclamation of alkaline soils increases with irrigation. It should take from 4 weeks from the application of the product to the sowing of the crop.

Sulfur trioxide (SO₃)
Physical/Chemical specifications:
Particle size
100,0 μm
Light grey
Granules, 2-5 mm
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