Universal soil conditioner for acidic soils, a soil structure enhancer

Rich in calcium

For all crops


  • Regulates soil to maintain a balanced pH
  • Contributes to soil health by neutralizing acidity
  • Increases the beneficial effect of the main types of fertilizers by 20% and more
  • Works fast due to the high proportion (98%) of ultrafine particles
  • Increases yield by 10-12% to 30-40%
  • Balances consumption of all nutrients

Calcium provides structural support to cell walls and serves as a secondary messenger when plants are physically or biochemically stressed. The high calcium content in ultrafine form gives a rapid effect. Deoxidation occurs 3-4 weeks after application depending on conditions.

The cost of use pays off in the same year, and the effect lasts for up to 3 years.


  • In autumn for tillage up to 14-16 cm deep.
  • In spring after snowfall, on frozen soil.
  • Before sowing for pre-sowing cultivation.
  • When sowing. The best options for making are 1 and 2.

Magnesium oxide (MgO)
Physical/Chemical specifications:
Particle size
100,0 μm
Light grey
Granules, 2-5 mm
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