Expedites seed germination, enhances early plant root development, and provides initial nourishment during the early growth stages

Rich in amino acids (10% of the weight)

For all seed types


• Supports growing and increases germination of seeds
• Improves early plant development
• Protects root development of newly planted seedlings and young plants
• Improves young plants resistance toward cold, heat, drought and disease
• Demonstrates excellent adhesion to seed surface

Suitable for pre-sowing treatment of seeds, tubers, and seedlings.

Seed treatment is the most profitable method economically and agronomically.
The combination of microfine particles of minerals and fulvic acid promotes easier penetration into the seed surface.

Calcium and magnesium in combination with silicon strengthen cell walls and improve plant immunity.

Physical/Chemical specifications:
Particle size
3,0 μm
brown, pale brown
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