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MNG is the joint venture between Natural Green and the Manaseer Group
In 2007, Viktor Sukau founded Natural Green, a company based in Germany (headquarters later moved to Switzerland). Eight years earlier, in 1999, Ziad Al Manaseer founded the Manaseer Group in Jordan. The company was engaged in the distribution of chemical products and fertilizers.

When the "green" trend in the agricultural sector was just emerging, Natural Green already had products in its portfolio that met the highest requirements in organic crop production.

Today MNG is working on developing a distribution network and developing and testing new products. The company's scientists are also working on slow-acting fertilizers and pesticides based on natural minerals and will soon expand its product portfolio with feed additives for farm animals.

“A healthy plant
means much more than a plant without disease”


Viktor Sukau
Founder & CSO
Anton Prysiazhniuk
Ziyad Manaseer
Yanal Abaza


To return to nature what we have been taking away for so long and bring all the elements of the system (soil microflora and mesofauna, seeds, plants) into the most healthy state. At the same time, by creating a healthy environment, we prevent plant and soil illnesses. We improve food safety with care for future generations.


The best crop protection comes from the resistance of the plant itself. We aim to restore the balance between soil and plants by using nature to help nature.


Environmental care
100% natural components

Service and support
Continuous monitoring and advice

Constant improvement
The R&D team constantly develops and tests new products, and is looking for sources of quality raw materials
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