Unlocking Potential: Enhancing Root Growth through Foliar Treatment

The growth of a plant's root system plays a crucial role in its overall health and productivity. Traditionally, it has been believed that root growth is primarily influenced by soil conditions and root-zone fertilization. However, Manaseer Natural Green’s groundbreaking work challenges this notion. Through our extensive experience and field trials, we have demonstrated the remarkable ability to enhance root growth through foliar treatment. In this article, we delve into the exciting findings that shed light on the benefits of this innovative approach.

Exploring MNG Classic Plus:

In 2023, field trials were conducted in Henan Province, China, utilizing Manaseer Natural Green's flagship product, MNG Classic Plus. This natural, mineral-based foliar fertilizer contains a carefully crafted blend of essential minerals including calcium, magnesium, silicon, iron, and both humic and fulvic acids. The unique composition and proprietary production technology of MNG Classic Plus create a harmonious balance between the soil, plants, and soil microbiota.

Understanding the mechanism

When MNG Classic Plus is applied, activated mineral particles easily travel from the leaf plate to the roots, stimulating their growth. The roots, now fortified, absorb nutrients intensively from the soil while simultaneously releasing sugars to nourish the soil microbiota. This mutualistic relationship benefits all participants—plants, soil, and soil microorganisms. The active microflora creates a protective environment around the root system and converts previously inaccessible nutrients into mobile forms. As a result, plants thrive in a healthy environment, preserving and multiplying soil fertility, ultimately leading to improved yield and product quality.

Root growth in challenging environments

In regions with harsh climatic conditions such as drought, frequent dust storms, and extreme temperature fluctuations, the importance of a robust and stable root system cannot be overstated. A resilient root system serves as the foundation for a successful crop, ensuring stability and productivity even in adverse conditions. As advanced agricultural nations shift their focus from simply increasing productivity to achieving stability in the face of climate change, the significance of enhancing root growth becomes more evident.

The Intelligent Approach of MNG Products

What sets MNG products apart is an intelligent approach, delivering precisely what plants and soil require at any given moment. This tailored treatment promotes healing, increases economically valuable yield components, and positively influences overall crop quality. By providing the necessary nutrients and creating a conducive environment for growth, MNG products contribute to sustainable and successful agricultural practices.

A remarkable outcome from the trials was observed when corn and hot peppers were treated with MNG Classic Plus at a modest dose of 650 g/ha. The treated plants exhibited a twofold increase in root system growth compared to the untreated counterparts. Additionally, the hot peppers produced significantly more fruit, showcasing the direct impact of enhanced root growth on crop productivity.

Manaseer Natural Green's research and trials have challenged the conventional wisdom surrounding root growth and foliar treatment. By unlocking the potential to influence root growth through our innovative approach, MNG Classic Plus demonstrates its capacity to enhance plant health, preserve soil fertility, and improve overall crop yield and quality. As we strive for agricultural sustainability in a changing climate, embracing intelligent and effective solutions like MNG Classic Plus paves the way for a more prosperous future.

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