Manaseer Natural Green - the joint venture that will revolutionize agriculture

Soil damage and the poisoning of our ecosystem both result from the use of concentrated chemical fertilizers. As well, the available resources for enhancing yields through the use of pesticides and plant genetics are limited. Natural Green Switzerland and Manaseer Group Jordan have formed a joint venture, and together are working to find a solution to these problems and entirely transform the agricultural status quo.

Natural Green is a game-changing service-oriented company that manufactures micronized and energetically enhanced mineral fertilizers, plant strengtheners, and soil additives from natural raw materials, meeting the highest requirements in crop production. Operating under the motto “Nature helps Nature,” Natural Green has more than a decade of extensive expertise and has developed a unique scientific approach in formulating and producing mineral fertilizers and supplements. Its products have no analogs for their set of trace elements among natural fertilizers on the market.

The company's main principles are environmental responsibility and constant product improvement, allowing Natural Green to build a healthy environment for plants with natural materials, returning to nature what has been deprived from it and increasing the health and quality of all crops grown by farmers. Additionally, the organization not only sells fertilizers but also offers continuing guidance to its clients in order to attain the most optimal outcome possible. 

The company is now poised to take several more huge strides forward in the agriculture market thanks to its joint venture with Manaseer Group. The production process is based on Natural Green JAM-tech mineralization and activation technology, which strengthens plants while being eco-sustainable, since its products do not include chemicals or other substances harmful to the environment. The combination of this technology and the vast access to the minerals provided by the Manaseer Group allows the production of affordable fertilizers and will ensure increased profitability for farmers by reducing their cultivation expenditures, while increasing their yield and crop quality, healing damaged farmland and enhancing plants’ natural resistance to diseases.

The integration will have a big effect on the environment. “This will help to mitigate the global threat of food shortage and significantly reduce farming’s CO² footprint compared to classic chemical NPK fertilizers”, says Viktor Sukau, the CSO and Founder of Natural Green. The CO² footprint of production and application of its mineral-based products will be almost zero, whereas chemical-based NPK fertilizers have a severe CO² emission impact of up to 10 KG of CO² for each KG of fertilizer that is applied.

Today, the enterprise is working on the creation of a distribution network, and is testing new products. Currently, Natural Green is in the process of developing other types of slow-release fertilizers and pesticides based on natural minerals. They are also looking forward to presenting their feed additives for farm animals soon.

The company is already in the active phase of its production capacity at the Manaseer Industrial Complex in Quatrana and will deliver natural fertilizer solutions for more than 10,000,000 hectares at an initial capacity of 500,000 tons of soil enhancers and 20,000 tons of foliar fertilizers. Their ambition is to become a global leader in eco-friendly fertilizer solutions that will benefit future generations.

Farmers all over the world now will have access to fertilizers that are key drivers for agricultural growth and development. The united forces of Natural Green and Manaseer Group, operating under the name Manaseer Natural Green (MNG), will provide an opportunity for all farmers to harvest high-quality crops, with no harmful soil impact, which will eventually lead to achieving the most important goal of protecting nature.

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