Transformative Results: MNG Rice Trials Showcase Remarkable Yield Increases

Rice, as a staple crop, plays a crucial role in global food security. Maximizing its yield and nutritional content while minimizing its environmental impact is a goal shared by farmers and researchers worldwide. The introduction of natural fertilizers from Manaseer Natural Green has sparked interest within the agricultural community, and trials in different countries are shedding light on its promising effects. MNG fertilizers have demonstrated their ability to enhance rice cultivation significantly. Let's delve into the key findings from these trials.

Thailand — Pioneering Progress

In the 2009–2010 trials conducted in Thanyaburi, Thailand, by the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Manaseer Natural Green’s impact on rice cultivation was nothing short of remarkable. The results highlighted a cascade of improvements, including:

  • 11.3% increase in leaf count
  • 10.6% taller plant
  • 28% longer roots
  • 39.2% increase in root count
  • 85% boost in BRIX content
  • 73.9% more kernels per panicle
  • 89.4% heavier kernels
  • 33.3% more sprouts per plant

These trials established a solid foundation for Manaseer Natural Green's potential to contribute to the overall enhancement of rice plants and optimize general rice production in Thailand.

China — Diverse Success Stories

China, with its vast and varied agricultural landscape, witnessed Manaseer Natural Green trials across several provinces and cities. In the Northeast region, a notable 29.2%, or 175 kg/mu, yield increase was achieved, accompanied by a 7-10 day earlier harvest time frame. In Shanghai City, trials conducted by the Agricultural Sales Unity of Fengxian County resulted in an impressive additional yield of around 100 kg.

The trials in Xicen Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai City, revealed a multifaceted success story. Not only did the region experience a 100 kg increase in yield, but the rice quality also saw substantial improvements. Milled rice rates rose to 75-78%, marking a 5-8% increase compared to the control group. Additionally, reducing the use of complex chemical fertilizers saved approximately RMB 30 per Mu.

Further trials in various provinces reinforced this positive trend. In Yixing City, Jiangsu Province, full-grain rice with increased milling rates demonstrated the versatility of Manaseer Natural Green by enhancing both quantity and quality. The trials conducted by Fengqing Agriculture Science Display Company Limited in Henan Province showed an average increase of about 69 kgs per Mu, resulting in a significant agricultural boost for farmers.

In Haining City, Zhejiang Province, the trials not only increased the quantity by more than 100 kgs per Mu but also led to a reduction in complex chemical fertilizer usage and the promotion of sustainable farming practices. The trials in Tonglin City, Anhui Province, were highlighted by an increase in quantity of between 100-150 kgs per Mu, accompanied by improved rice quality and a week earlier harvest.

The trials conducted by the Agriculture Promoting Centre of the Agriculture Bureau in Bengbu City, Anhui Province, stood out with a yield of 932 kgs per Mu, surpassing all other fields in the county (100-200 kgs more). This success story highlights the potential of Manaseer Natural Green to achieve exceptional results even in highly competitive agricultural environments.

In Liaoning Province, the trials exhibited better-developed roots and plants, showcasing the positive impact of Manaseer Natural Green on overall crop health.

In Anhui Province, a fertilizer application rate of 1 kg per ha resulted in a 16%, or 1,037 kg per ha, yield increase (from 6,500 to 7,537 kg per ha), accompanied by additional revenue of $357 per ha for farmers. These trials demonstrated Manaseer Natural Green’s effectiveness even at lower application rates, while still providing economic and agronomic benefits.

In Wuhe County, Anhui Province, a 520 m² farmland saw a remarkable 44.2% increase in harvest (721 kg per mu vs. 500 kg per mu) with MNG application. Northeast Province results showed substantial improvements in rice yield, with a 1,400 kg per ha–1,200 kg per ha increase at Jiangchuan Farm, Donghe Town, Xincheng Town, and Sujiadian Town.

Philippines — Transformative Impact

Manaseer Natural Green trials displayed transformative outcomes in the Philippines. The trials in Brgy, Inas Mlang Cotabato, conducted during the dry season, demonstrated that application resulted in an impressive harvest of 8,347 kg per ha. The soil health, leaf strength, and overall plant vitality were all significantly enhanced. The trials also illustrated Manaseer Natural Green's role in reducing the need for pesticides, making it a sustainable choice for farmers.

The trials in Mlang Cotabato, covering 2,500 m² of farmland, revealed a substantial 32% yield increase (400 kg) compared to the control group — from 1,250 kg to 1,650 kg. The positive impact extended to stem strength, leaf size, and panicle quantity, contributing to an earlier and more robust harvest. Other rice trials in the Philippines led to an incredible 229% higher yield (8 t per ha vs 3.5 t per ha) as well as faster growth and earlier harvest (90 days vs 120 days).

In Cantilan, Surigao del Sur, Manaseer Natural Green proved instrumental in enabling farmers to achieve a 30-day earlier harvest, reaching 8,180 kg per ha in the first harvest alone. The use of Manaseer Natural Green also opened up the possibility of obtaining a second harvest from the same seeds. MNG also helped another farm to obtain rice yield in the dry season without water and chemical fertilizers.

At a remarkable farm in Butuan, MNG has gone beyond enhancing rice harvests; it has transformed the lives of a dedicated family of farmers. This heartwarming success story is beautifully captured in a video, showcasing how the increased income from a bountiful rice harvest has allowed the family to provide better education for their children, creating a ripple effect of positive change for generations to come. Watch this inspiring journey unfold in the video below:

The rice trials underscore the transformative potential of our products. From Thailand to China and the Philippines, we have consistently shown our fertilizers’ ability to enhance yield, improve soil health, and promote sustainable agricultural practices. As we look toward the future, these trials provide a promising glimpse into MNG’s possibilities to shape the landscape of global rice cultivation.

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