Revolutionizing Wheat Cultivation: MNG Classic Trial in China

In today's world, where taking care of the environment is crucial, it's more important than ever to farm in a way that's good for the Earth. Regular farming can harm the soil, water, and the balance of nature. That's why we urgently need to switch to sustainable farming methods. Against this backdrop, we can demonstrate the sustainable impact of our natural mineral fertilizer — MNG Classic.

We recently conducted a wheat trial using MNG Classic. The trial took place in Mahe Village, within Xilingshi Town in Sui County, which is known for its moist, fertile soil, making it an ideal location for agriculture. Zhoumai 36 wheat was selected for the trial and planted on October 16, 2022, following the standard rate of 12.5 kg per Mu* and using regular and compound fertilizers.

Testing MNG Classic

The objective was to evaluate the MNG Classic's efficiency. A 2 Mu area was treated with MNG Classic, while an equivalent area received no additional treatment. MNG Classic was applied twice: first on April 15 and then on April 28, 2023, each time with a concentration of 75 g per Mu.

The outcomes were remarkable. Samples were collected from three spots in each field, covering three m² each. After drying and threshing the grain, the produce was weighed. The field treated with MNG Classic yielded an average of 700.4 kgs per Mu whereas the untreated field produced only 531.4 kgs per Mu. This substantial difference of 173 kgs per Mu indicates a 26% increase in yield, demonstrating the effectiveness of MNG Classic.

The trial was overseen by the Seed Management Station, Pesticide Supervision and Management Station, Soil and Fertilizer Management Station, Plant Protection Management Station, and the Agricultural Technology Promotion Station of Sui County, ensuring the test’s accuracy.

The MNG Classic trial in Sui County goes beyond being a successful experiment; it signals hope for future agricultural practices. This fertilizer has proven to be highly effective, fostering better wheat growth and establishing new standards for crop nutrition and soil health. As we continue to strive for farming practices that are both improved and green, MNG Classic plays a significant role in agricultural sustainability.

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting developments as we bring the best ideas from agricultural science to the fields.

* Mu = 1/15 of a hectare, or about 666.67 m2

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